Offers - Intensive Spanish courses

La Idiomería offers intensive courses of one week for a total of 20 hours, spread over 5 working days at an unbeatable price. With the course we also offer different possibilities to stay in shared flats in the center of the city of Madrid. In this way you can take advantage of the training experience that our academy offers you:

  • Language Training
  • Accommodation at an unbeatable price
  • Total experience in the capital of Spain

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Are you interested in learning or improving your Spanish or another language? If you struggle to learn new languages, it’s because you have never been offered the right method tailored to your needs. At La Idiomería we know that no two people are the same and that each student has different needs and goals. Therefore, we have developed an innovative way of studying, learning and speaking new languages, a practical method that allows you to improve quickly. We make this posible by offering giving each student the personal attention they need, giving you an effective and enjoyable learning experience. Thanks to our free placement exam, we can evaluate your needs and organize a program tailored to your learning style and level, complemented by many fun activities organized by the academy. The classes will be focused on developing the different skills that are necessary for speaking a language at a native level. We mix grammar and writing exercises with speaking practice to develop oral expression, increasing and improving vocabulary at the same time.

La Idiomería was born from many years of experience teaching foreign languages. Thanks to the distinct and varied needs of our students, we have created a high quality, effective method of teaching. Our academy is the ideal place to learn your language of choice: our methodology, preparation and the passion of each and every one of our professors is our secret to success. The clases are one-on-one, meaning that you will practice conversation with a native teacher who will create an immersive class at your speed. Our professors come from distinct backgrounds and nationalities, allowing you to quickly familiarize yourself with the different accents, vocabularies, cultures and habits of their countries of origen.

La Idiomería offers you a 360 degree learning experience: we want you to not only improve your grammar and pronunciation, but rather to truly learn oral expression and cultural peculiarities. Did you know that the English always have tea at 5 in the evening, or that the colors of a Margherita pizza are the same as the Italian flag?

Our method consists of a combination of theory and practice: we create real-life situations so that you are properly equipped to function in your chosen language. Your teachers will be attentive to your needs and at hand to correct your grammar, improve your pronunciation, enrich your vocabulary and furnish you with an idiomatic fluency in your second or perhaps third language.

Regardless of your level, there will always be room for improvement, especially in pronunciation. It is normal to have some minor difficulties when you begin studying a language. Think of how children learn, and how, little by little, you began to talk and build increasingly complex phrases. To learn a language is to go back in time, to become a child who progressively learns to express themselves in order to end up mastering the language perfectly.

Our native teachers want to accompany you on this path, help you when you are in difficulty and suggest the words you are looking for to shape your thoughts. Our experience, professionalism and passion for your work will allow us to design classes to suit you and that will allow you to progress quickly and without hindrance. And, most importantly, our teachers will instill a love of English because behind each language is a culture that presents a new world to discover.


Learning French has never been as easy as it is with our personalized course. In spite of being similar to Castilian, its pronunciation is very complicated. To thoroughly master the language you must train your ear in a similar manner to that of a child.

Are you looking for a practical and complete Italian course? Our course will adapt to your requirements. No matter what level of Italian you have, even if you understand but you do not speak it.

If you are thinking of learning German you should first know that it is not easy. You may already know that most of those who want to study it start from scratch and end up learning it from the very beginning. Our methods will help you learn in the simplest manner without too much effort.

Do you like Lusitanian or Brazilian culture? Portuguese is not only a great language but it is becoming one of the most sought after in the world of work. If you are tired of hearing the word ‘crisis’ you should know that Brazil is a country with a strong economy.

At La Idiomería we have Spanish courses for any level. The classes are conducted individually with a teacher who will be able to communicate in English, in case do not have a very high level or if at any time you do not understand a concept.

Offers - Intensive Spanish courses
La Idiomería offers intensive courses of one week for a total of 20 hours, spread over 5 working days at an unbeatable price. With the course we also offer different possibilities to stay in shared flats in the center of the city of Madrid. This way you can take advantage of the training experience that our academy offers you:

“Chinese is the language of the Future”
How many times have you heard that?! We cannot say it isn’t true!
Actually, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, counting the language's speakers.

Surely you have ever met people with hearing or speech problems, you will have noticed that to communicate with them, it is necessary to use gestures.

The Arabic language is exceptionally rich and may require several years to master thoroughly. However, this should not deter students from tackling it for there is no obstacle to obtaining some basic understanding in a relatively short time.

¿Qué opinan nuestros estudiantes?

  • Kamilla Nichita

    I like very much how classes are taught, I think that method 1 to 1 is the best way to learn English in a more effective way, I have attended group classes and from my experience I would advise attending this type of classes, besides the atmosphere is very distended and the teachers very nice. So I encourage anyone who has not yet decided to sign up !!

  • Stefano Rosi

    After my experience abroad last year I considered that the best option was to continue studying English to improve the language. After looking for different courses and academies to be able to match it with my work schedule, I found the best option with this academy. Being able to choose the schedule that suits you every day is great not to depend on other things to be able to study English. Talking with native teachers helps a lot that your speaking fluency is much better every day, the fact that they provide you with all the necessary materials To perform your listening, reading, writing and different activities of grammar helps you to improve in all the linguistic skills.

  • Sofia Pueyo

    They have great variety of schedules available and you can organize your schedule from home as best suits you. I think that being able to cancel a class at short notice gives you a lot of flexibility. The classes are very complete, as they include part of listening, speaking and writing. Making the most of them is up to you. The teachers always speak to you in English and avoid Spanish whenever you can. The best thing about the academy is the attention of its staff, both from the teachers and from the reception people. It is a different method, much more enjoyable and for me much more effective.

***** Idiomeria 1 ***** Free conversation class!!!

This Friday 2th of march 2018

“English conversation free class”

  • From 20:30 to 21:00
  • In La Idiomería 1 Calle Ruda 6